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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
I think it is more about the history of hockey and the views from people who are very educated with the building process of the NHL. People like VanI,...
There's such an NHL bias to the draft, for the most part, that the ATDs to date could not be the foundation for what I've been thinking for a while could be a Top-1000 Hockey Players of All Time book unless it wasn't ranked, more divided by position, style of play, etc. The last few MLDs would be crucial for such a project, as many all-time greats slip through the cracks. Still, this forum has been more about the process of discovering the history of hockey. Some of the issues about cross-era comparisons are interesting tidbits that could be expanded on, or an imaginative book "What if...?" could work if it invites the reader to do likewise. A website or all-time draft computer game seems more relevant (when I joined these ATDs back in 2004 I thought doing an FHL fantasy game would be a lot of fun, spending months debating SP, SK, DF ratings, coming up with crossgenerational formulas and tweakings of SC, PA, OV).

Originally Posted by Leaf Lander
the idea to write a book about the all time draft teams players and results
ATD teams and results? ... that would make FI#2's post apt:

Originally Posted by Frightened Inmate #2
Who the hell would buy a book about a fantasy draft on a website? I mean am I missing something here or is that what you are proposing?

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