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05-31-2008, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by nyrmessier011 View Post
We're on the smaller end of most arena capacities too. This isn't something to really be proud of, it's a joke what the ticket prices have become. That 18.2% is purely increases in ticket prices because our attendance is identical from last year. This basically tripled already ridiculous inflation figures for the past year. We're all getting robbed every year by Jimmy.
And our team has barely gotten better over the past 3 years. True we sucked for a while, but I don't think suck is the right word--it's underachieved. Slats brought in proven all-stars like Lindros (who was a mess), Bure (who never played), Fleury (who I enjoyed watching play-we could've found worse), Nedved, Kovalev, and Holik (a fringe player who got All-star money). We went out the year before the lockout and got another star in Jagr, who could have very easily blown up in our face just like Lindros and Bure did. Instead he turns the team around and takes us to the playoffs. But until we get a bonafide 80+ points scorer who can do it next year and in future years (not 80+ point scorers in the twilight of their career like Jagr and Shanny) , we won't get to the Stanley cup finals. Crosby and Malkin and Co. are too good to beat if our best centers are fringe 1st line players like Drury, Gomez, and Dubinsky.

We need a goal scorer, so please Slats, go out and get hossa. At least if we're getting robbed by Jimmy, I can get robbed to watch a Stanley Cup Contending team instead of getting robbed to watch crap hockey. Cause you know the sob dolan is going to run those prices up no matter how many times we lose in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

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