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05-31-2008, 02:38 PM
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On this front, it's very, very difficult to get published, and I hope you guys know what you're getting into. I have talked to many writers over the years (fiction, mostly), who spent a lot of time trying to get their work published. They went to many publishers, and were turned down. Then when their work was accepted, they went through several drafts before finally getting the final version published. It is not an easy path. You have to be patient, persistent and resilient.

There are some outlets out there now that have made publishing easier (I don't know if Instabook is still around or not). But those are usually for low-production books. You won't make a dime off of something like Instabook.

I think it's a great idea. I don't know if I'd be a part of it. If I did, it would be for mostly selfish reasons, ie: to get my name on a published book. But be aware of what you're getting yourself into.

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