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06-01-2008, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Dubinsky4Calder08 View Post
Look at it this way, if he does not score those 25 goals during the regular season maybe we dont even make the playoffs. Drury is not worth 7 million. He is barely worth 5. At 4-5 Million Id say we got our moneys worth for him but he will never be a 7 million dollar man and those are the facts we have to face.

You cant dog a guy who played well despite an injury because he was over paid. Its not his fault Trader Glen offered him way to much money. If your boss comes up and says Im gonna double your salary are you gonna turn that down? Hell ****ing no you wont.

Shannahan was no where to be found. Calling Sean Avery pre-lacerated spleen. Nigel Dawes any one? Paging Ryan Callahan.

Drury is the last guy who you should be ragging on especially since he played injured.
I don't get it though. Jaromir Jagr is harassed during the season for leading the team in points BUT not living up to his past achievements and play, nor his total of an $8.4 million contract, but Drury gets a get out of jail free card for.... Not living up to his past achievements and play nor his $7 million contract? I don't get the double standard there. Everyone who was on top of Jagr the first 65 games of the season should have equally been on Drury, especially for the Playoffs.

If a team signs Kovalchuk to a major contract to score 50+ goals because he is a 50 goal scorer and he scores 29 goals than he was a bust that season. If you sign Drury to a major contract to score the big goals and win playoff games and he doesn't than he is a bust. That's how expectations work AND for me I had HUGE expectations for that man. I didn't for any of the other players that people keep mentioning. I didn't expect half the play from Shanny, Avery, or Straka compared to the notorious playoff player Chris Drury. And especially to call on guys like Dawes and Callahan? Come on now. You can't count on two developing rookies to win you games. They're not a bust, its called it was a learning experience. They shouldn't even be compared to Drury. That's what a reputation and a major contract does. It sets the standards and he didn't live up to the own standards he set for himself in the biggest city in the country. NY.

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