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06-02-2008, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
I know he is about to be an UFA and I'm all for the Rangers resigning Sean Avery but the contract needs to make sense. If Avery has priced himself out of the market or if Sather has already made the choice for whatever reason (pick one) to move on the Rangers should look to trade his rights out West.

The precedent has been set for this last season (Actually when Roenick got traded to Philly a few years back but whatever) and if the Rangers can make sure Avery is signed by a team outside the conference that's an extra plus...

(Averys rights to San Jose for Carle????)

I'd do the same for Rozsvial if Sather has decided to not resign him as well...If it means letting your free agents that you know aren't goint to resign start talking to other teams early then so be it...

Also if the Rangers decide to sign a top UFA this offseason they should look into what it would cost to trade for his rights. The Rangers need to be proactive which means moves like this and extending offer sheets to the right RFA this offseason.
This is what PHI did to get early dibs on negotiating with Hartnell and Timmonen right? And they gave up some decent assets in the process?

I would look into doing it both ways. Getting rid of guys who won't be coming back and getting an early shot at locking guys up.

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