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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
Your right on the golden horseshoe, but characterizing QC financial status as poor is quite misleading these days, particularly in the Quebec sub climate where corporations are creatures of the province not the city.

Quebec City as been the major player in the province economic growth in the last 5 years. One's only have to look at Boul. Laurier these days to see what I'm talking about. That being said, Montreal will pick it up soon, the Montreal region just need a new focus and I think they are finding it in Marketing services.

Anyway, even Montreal needed an American rich guy to own the habs, I don't see why a guy like Balsillie would be unlikely in times where Canadian franchises are pretty easy to sell on a business plan.(And with a business oriented mayor in Quebec City for the first time in 20 years)
If you want to make money in Canada...going with my 20 years experience...Quebec and eastern Canada is the last place I would go. Just isn't the money there. They may have improved like SOLR says but still far behind most of Canada. Everything is to the west. The further west ya go the better. I dabble in real estate as a sideline...a little over 2 years ago I bought a house in Regina for $137,000. On credit, stayed periodically with traveling but never lived there full time...sold it in May, 2008...for $289,000. Made $150,000 in 2 years on it. It's just crazy out everywhere...

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