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06-02-2008, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
I was not expecting this. And although i originally doubted him a little, not sure why, i am very pleased with this.

I was thoroughly convinced he would get an AHL contract.

Congrats to Zaborsky. He and Hillier have the tools. I hope they can put them all together.

If Korpikoski makes the NHL cut this year, i am convinced he will, I am hoping to see a top line of (even though both are listed as LW) Zaborsky - Anisimov - Hillier in Hartford.

As they are the only forwards that will be in Hartford that have a chance to be anything other then a 4th line marginal player in the NHL.

I really don't want to see time wasted on Byers, Bourret, and Moore on the top line.

IMO Zaborsky, Hillier, Anisimov are the only 3 with 3rd line or above NHL potential.

Byers, Moore, and Bourret are 4th line role guys.

Hillier, Zaborsky, and Anisimov can hopefully fill the 3rd line in the NHL in a year or two.

Anyone think Jessiman will be signed?

I'd like to see Wheeler (if he would go pro) and Azevedo too. And add some more depth in Hartford.

Zaborsky - Anisimov - Hillier
Jessiman - Azevedo - Wheeler sign them.
Byers - Dupont - Bourret
- Pyatt - Moore

Would be a pretty sweet team in Hartford this year.
terrible, terrible assessment

for Zaborsky or Hillier to be top line guys in the AHL next season would mean that the Wolfpack would be on the absolute bottom of the league. Tom Pyatt outscored both Hillier and Zaborsky by a wide margin if you compare his final year in juniors to their final years in juniors. He was a constant participant on Team Canada juniors and was playing half the season in the ECHL last year. He is just an example of any number of forwards that should be far, far ahead of either Zaborsky or Hillier next season in the AHL. That list also includes Brodie Dupont, a big kid with a tough game who played the entire season in Hartford last year. Hugh Jessiman (if resigned) has improved every season and deserves a shot at true top line minutes in Hartford.

To give up on a first rounder who is only 21 would possibly be the most ******** move a hockey club could ever make (bourret obviously). He has the skills to possibly be a top six forward and you are ready to give up on him at the ripe young age of 21?? Greg Moore earned time in the NHL last season and is supposed to be a great defensive forward, possibly a perfect third line winger in the NHL as soon as next season and you would rather see a kid who is 3 - 4 years away take his icetime in the AHL? And Byers is probably the next closest kid that we have ready to make the jump to the NHL. These kids who have shown improvement and the ability to make that jump are the kids who will get top line minutes in the AHL.

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