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06-02-2008, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
QC may have come back somewhat but they were far behind other cities. They don't have the population nor money that a Kitchner/Waterloo or North York has. Hockey passion is equal in both places....but can't see NHL voting to put a team in another small market like QC
I really don't see it as a come back or "correction", Quebec City still as a lot of room for extra momentum. As for the money in the Kitchener/Waterloo regions if you subtracts RIM and the GTA (if you count the GTA you must count Montreal for Quebec City), both can support an NHL franchise easily. The weight of RIM on the stock market is much bigger than the actual value of the company atm.

Quebec City, however as a big advantage history wise with the NHL, 2 Stanley Cups, and would bring back many of the greatest rivalries in hockey.(Quebec Montreal) (Quebec Boston)

As for the voting, I think its mere delusion on your part to even have an opinion on what the 30 Bog members would want. Since it depends on things that we don't get to see in the public, like strength of the personas involved, financial structure of the proposition, guarantees that are given etc.

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