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06-02-2008, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR469 View Post
imo that prospect park article is a FLUFF peice that doesn't provide one peice of info that makes me think it still isn't a good idea...

the fact that every ranger fan thinkings that every project, every college player, every big winger or anything else similar to jessiman is the 'next jessiman' and will be a total bust is simply stupid. so we aren't supposed to sign him cause he left school early and so did jessiman? well what about the countless other ncaa players that left school early and worked out? I don't hear nj complaining that parise left school early. wheeler leaving school early makes him the next jessiman as much as it makes him the next parise.
I'm squarely with Jess on this one. I live in Minnesota and have seen Wheeler play on numerous occasions. He simply does not look like a player who will develop into a top 6 forward in the NHL. At this point, I'd go as far as saying not even close. What amuses me about this thread is that the great majority of people who want to sign him a) are only making that statement because he was picked 5th overall and b) they have never seen him play. With all of that said, I'd still sign him if the opportunity exists because a) big players tend to develop a little later and b) lord know I've been wrong more than once when it comes to playing scout. I just wouldn't be too excited about his chances.

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