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06-02-2008, 02:58 PM
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He** yes! If the goalie is going one way and the ball goes the other way, man you got a gold mine of a shot if you can do that.

Do you have tape on your stick? Or, are you using Mactack or Liquid Hockey Tape on your stick?

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You know those crap $20 sticks at Sports Authority? I was looking for a backup stick for my rec league, so I bought the cheap $25 Easton Synergy with a Sackic curve. I bought it because I loved the huge curve that it had compared to my old RBK: (the only difference is that I have the '07 graphics)

I use no tape at all because I read somewhere that tape just adds friction when you are shooting on concrete. Nothing is on my stick, except a taped butt end.. It is as it was when I bought it in the fall.

If I can upload a video I'll do it either tonight or Saturday.

EDIT: It has a good enough amount of spin to change direction as soon as it hits the ground, and at a decent speed. I'll have to fool around with it more when I have practice on Wednesday. The has been the first time when I really recognized it.

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