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06-02-2008, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bobbop View Post
I'm squarely with Jess on this one. I live in Minnesota and have seen Wheeler play on numerous occasions. He simply does not look like a player who will develop into a top 6 forward in the NHL. At this point, I'd go as far as saying not even close. What amuses me about this thread is that the great majority of people who want to sign him a) are only making that statement because he was picked 5th overall and b) they have never seen him play. With all of that said, I'd still sign him if the opportunity exists because a) big players tend to develop a little later and b) lord know I've been wrong more than once when it comes to playing scout. I just wouldn't be too excited about his chances.

I've seen him play a few times also. My niece goes to school at North Dakota. To me the guy looked like a very good prospect, in the games when he played against the Souix. I thought he skates well, and has good hockey sense. While I think he was drafted a little early, to me he is still a very good prospect. But...I don't agree with the article about letting these guys choose where they play. Kind of defesats the purpose of the whole draft to me. I think they need to put in some time with the team drafted first. Just my opinion anyway.

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