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06-02-2008, 04:19 PM
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SOLR even if it was because of political issues , the fall of the dollar and the explosion of payrolls was just too much. Political will or not the Habs still pay more tax than all the teams in the league combined.

Right now Quebec City could handle it. But if the Canadian dollar drops again it would be the same problem the Habs had but worse because they won't get as much revenues.

Bettman has other places like these in mind :

Las Vegas, Jerry Bruckheimer + AEG ( The Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI ) wants a team.

Kansas City, AEG( Brand new arena, have been waiting in the wings for quite some time trying to get Pittsburgh among others)

Corporate kings of hockey

Sadly we can't really put names on a project in Quebec city and that's what hold them back, it always comes down to the governe-maman helping out or the mayor having to goes out of his way to make sure people talk about it.

"It's great for the Canadian teams," Bettman said of the current currency exchange. "But the dollar both north and south of the border will go in cycles. I think people make too much out of it. We have always just watched [the fluctuation between the American and Canadian dollar], and there has never been anything we can do about it. When the dollar is strong in Canada, it obviously helps the revenues of NHL clubs."

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