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06-02-2008, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
Totally not going to're just going in're not listening to common sense.
Your opinion isnt common-sense it's GNick42 sense.

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
Bettman and majority of owners don't want another team in Canada.
Back it up maybe? You can't because nobody is in the know.

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
And, even if they did come to Canada QC has to trump an offer like a Baisillie guy can put on the table.
What if Balsillie after trying twice to bring a team to Hamilton decides to change his target city to Quebec City? It's the 2nd biggest target.('s not winnipeg, they too don't have an NHL arena.)

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
What the owners want is to move into major tv increase the popularity of the game and ended eventually in a major tv contract. Albeit many years from now. Coming to a Quebec City is the total opposite of what they are looking for.
The only remaining big US markets without a teams are Houston and Seattle-Portland, there will be some relocations in the next 5 years, they can both pursue the US objective and the Canadian objective.

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
How can you convince the owners to give QC another team, move into a small market when the 10th biggest tv market in North America doesn't have an NHL team? See what they are building towards? It all boils down to money...they are trying to finanically take the game higher.
Granted, I don't disagree with that fact. But heres another fact, that maybe you don't understand yet. Quebec City would directly compete with the habs in the Province hockey market. If you take only the regions of the province and eastern Canada, the Nords would still have a top 20 Hockey TV market.(The Canadian TV contracts are pretty lucrative for the league now.)

Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
I see a team in Houston, Vegas, KC maybe even Cleveland before Canada. Then Baillisie with his deep pockets, has a virtually lock for a team in Canada.
Houston, agree, I would put a team there first.
Vegas, no, no and no, at least not before they see Pheonix going well.
KC, depending on Nashville.(It's not a big TV argument at all)
Cleveland(Never heard of any talk about them)

I could see Quebec being a candidate for expansion along side KC and Winnipeg, who wins then it's really up in air depending on presentation quality etc.

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