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05-27-2004, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Cuiffitelli
Sign someone younger. Give a Phantom player or prospect a shot. Grab a younger player in a trade. You have options. They’re not great options but heck rebuilding is not a fun time. It is a needed reality in sports. Especially with the upcoming cap. We will no longer have the luxury of filling holes at the trade deadline. Once a cap is in place, every team will have to rebuild at some point. Only the teams that are currently filled with young players will enjoy an extension from this reality.
Those are great ideas but not based in reality.
To sign another winger it would cost $$ and the UFA age is 31 - another older player and there is no wing with numbers like Rex to be had right now aside from Rolston which is possible.
You help make my point - there is NO Phantom ready to take his spot. A third line maybe but not top 6.
Grab a younger player in a trade - trade what exactly for a young scoring winger???? Jani or KJ??
Yes rebuilding is tough but it does not have to cost Rex - just Leclair and Amonte at this point.

By the way, it was a Sens fan who started this thread with "hate".
I would like him to go to the Sens board and put up a Leclair trade with half of his salary for a third rounder and check out the response.

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