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06-03-2008, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post

Thats what i want to know.

People can say I'm wrong and lambaste me, however, no one has provided any better options.

Because there are none.

Byers, Moore, and Bourret are not it IMO.

In 122 AHL games, Bourret has 25 goals... when he lives up to his potential, i will believe it. But he has to produce at least a little.

At the same time why automatically put guys on the top line simply because of seniority? Bourret hasn't earned it. Not in the least.

And again, who is the better option for top line center? Dupont? Don't think so. Pyatt? Don't think so. Graham? No.

Anisimov should be top line center in Hartford.

Admittedly, Moore and Byers had good seasons in the AHL last year.

The point is that they still do not have a higher ceiling then that of Hillier and Zaborsky. They simply do not.

And if Moore and Byers are in fact on the top line in Hartford, then there are certainly no better options for 2nd line wingers at the moment.

But honestly, there is no reason to attempt grooming Byers and Moore as scoring wingers when that simply will not be their job in the NHL. They will be checking role players. However, Hillier and Zaborsky have the ability to be offensive wingers, and that is how they should be used in the AHL as well.

I mean... people understand that Jessiman may not be resigned and Parenteau may not be resigned.

Secondly, no one suggested that Hillier and Zaborsky are closer to making it to the NHL. The issue is that Moore and Byers are DO NOT have a higher ceiling then Hillier and Zaborsky, who have the potential to be offensive wingers in the NHL. Where as Moore and Byers are CHECKING LINE ROLE PLAYERS at best. Moore is 24 years old and looked absolutely lost in the NHL this year. Byers has a higher ceiling then Moore. But Byers is a 4th liner who can take over for Hollweg. This is my point.

I believe i mentioned several times in this discussion that Korpikoski will make it to the NHL next year.

Ultimately, Hillier and Zaborsky should be Anisimov's wingers.
First off I'll agree with Fly that Moore has a shot and that first NHL impressions aren't a be all and an end all.

Onto Zaborsky--there was much speculation on whether he'd be offered a contract or even an AHL contract. More talented than others on the team is your opinion. I was not as impressed with Tomas's final OHL season as some others. Basically he did a point a game in his overaged season. A 20 year old competing against players younger than him--sometimes much younger than him. He should have had a good season if not even a better season. His size is a concern--if he even makes the Hartford team he is going to be facing bigger, faster d-men. For that matter bigger, faster forwards. How he will handle all that remains to be seen. Players jumping out of major junior even with much gaudier stats than Zaborsky's or Hillier's for that matter don't always handle it well. Callahan also played an overaged year--but Ryan seems more like the exception than the rule. Ryan had a somewhat better overage year--hitting 50 goals and Ryan has a far grittier game.

As for Hillier--much better size--more deserving of his contract. Even last season had periods of inconsistent or no offense. The Q is not known as the most defensive major junior league. Hillier put up good numbers--but they're hardly remarkable. Just because you play on the first line on your junior team does not mean you can be thrown on the first line of an AHL team in your first season. Have you ever heard of Daniel Goneau? A big, big junior star (much bigger than either Zaborsky or Hillier)--did not sign with the Bruins who originally drafted him--reentered the draft and was picked by us in the 2nd rd. Made the Rangers out of training camp. Put up some points in his first two-three weeks and then just disappeared--spent the next two--three seasons in the AHL trying and never really finding his game. For us he became a 3rd line AHL player--and he's been banging around the minors for years. You should look him up on the hockey database.

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