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06-03-2008, 10:57 AM
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Here is what I have done. You could call it a success. I deal in only hockey cards. Sports cards are a lot more high tech then they were back in the 90's when you just had the regular cards, rookies and inserts. Now they will buy a game used jersey from NHL players. They will cut up the jersey and put them on the cards. They will also number the cards out of a small number to increase value. For the rookies they will make a smaller print run on them compared to the base cards. The players will also have signature cards as well. Values can now be in the thousands of dollars for real top end cards.

This is what I do. I just search ebay for all hockey cards that are ending the soonest. You will get a whole page of like 25 or so that are going to end within the next ten minutes. All that I do is look for the ones that have slipped through the cracks. I look for the ones that are going for less than the should.

What I have done is open an ebay store. It is another way to sell on ebay. Instead of paying to have an auction that goes on for a week and you see what people bid it up to it works like this. It costs $18 a month to have the store. It only costs seven cents a month to list an item for sale. Eight cents if it has a pic to go along with it. The listing will stay up until you either cancel it or it sells. You then pick the price that you will sell it for and people can counter offer what you are selling it for.

So say a card normally sells for $40. With three minutes left it is selling for $22, I bid $23 and win it. Then I get the card and list it for sale in my store for the $40 that it usually sells for. I may have someone bite and sell it for the $40 or someone may give me an offer of $35. I will accept that $35 even though I do know that I could get that extra $5. That way that same person will come back to buy from me again. Then say after all of the fees that I have to pay I end up getting $32 for it. So if I buy it for $23 and get $35 for it I got a profit of 152%. I don't then cash out that $12 that I made but I will spend it to buy more cards. Keep upping my inventory.

I had started off with about 4-5k worth of cards about three years back and now I have about 15k worth in my ebay store.

It sounds easy but it is a lot of time and work. I can't stress that enough. And yes I do have a full time job, I just work 12 hour shifts and have lots of time off cause of it.

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