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Originally Posted by Artie View Post
okay so why is it so difficult for Montreal to assess the talent in the Q. Why can't they seem to find the players other teams find? Is it just bad luck?

Not a complaint...just trying to understand why they can find the gems elsewhere.
Well the scouting landscape has changed. There's been the changes in the NCAA rules, so now nhl teams can draft kids from the USHS/USHL/Canada Major Junior A etc... and they won't lose their NCAA eligibility. So that opens a very big door that in the past was all but closed. Instead of drafting Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins after their freshman year, they would have been drafted out of the USNDTP and the USHS. It makes it riskier as your picking these players now that may not have faced a higher level of competition but you have to take those risks cause if not some other team will. This also means that there are a ton of more players to scout all over the place.

Add in more European markets. Not so long ago, drafting players directly from Belarus or Slovenia would have been a punchline, now it's seen as shrewd drafting (if it pans out)

Add a better US program. With the USHL becoming a tier-1 junior league in the US, as well as the rise of the USNDTP, and a stronger USHS system that has more kids in it from all over the country, including unheard of places like Texas, California etc...

And Major junior A, B are getting much more notice then in the past. BCHL, OJPHL are getting players drafted now, imo moreso to do with the changes in the rules to NCAA but I assume the talent level has increased although I have nothing to back that up with other then some discussions with an NCAA scout.

In the CHL you see different leagues have better years, the dub has produced a number of solid nhlers, this year it's the OHL that should be in the spotlight come draft day and the Q has had it's ups and downs. I personally can't really comment on the problems of the Q, I enjoy watching their games much more then the OHL and WHL, but to a degree it has had it's problems in certain draft years, producing quality nhlers. That said you can find gems in all leagues. The Habs truely have been finding them all over the place, I think that it's better that way, instead of focusing on just one area, or over focused on one area just because it's in your backyard.

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