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06-03-2008, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jean Beliveau View Post
Doesn't George Gillett and Bob Gainey at least owe it to a majority of their fans in Montreal to make the effort to land the only French Canadian superstar in the NHL today.

No, he most definitely doesn't.

Hockey fans care about hockey. The Montreal Canadiens finished first in the Eastern Conference this year. I think Bob Gainey is doing fine, thanks.

The only people that care about the hometowns of the players on the team are people with an axe to grind. Hockey fans care about winning.

Seeing as how this is a hockey thread, lets talk about hockey instead of trying to trojan horse yet another tiresome language thread in.

Originally Posted by Jean Beliveau View Post
Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde, Georges Vezina, Aurel Joliat, Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Jean Beliveau, Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion, Jacques Plante, Emile Bouchard, Henri Richard, Yvan Cournoyer, Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe, Guy Lafleur, Jacques Lemaire, Rejan Houle, Guy Carbonneau, Patrick Roy, Stephane Richer, Claude Lemieux.

This is not a language issue. Those players were all French Canadians which a great portion of the local population could indentify with.
That must be why Alexander Ovechkin doesn't have any fans. The North Americans can't indentify with him.

Do you see how stupid your argument sounds?

Originally Posted by Jean Beliveau View Post
That may very well be the case as I tend to be optimistic by nature.

I can at least tell you that if Vinny decides against coming to Montreal in 2009 and instead chooses to stay in TB, I'll be choked to say the least.

Mr little shyt himself Briere was enough to get me going last year.

When are players like Vinny, Briere, Tanguay, Gagne, Lapointe and others will show some guts and actually put the Habs jersey. Is too much pressure for them.
Show some pride once in a while. I guess it's it is easier for them to just blend in American society. Maybe if they had 1 tenth of the courage shown by their descendants we would not be having this discussion.

What a bunch of gutless pukes.

I hope I'm wrong about Vinny.

Thank God Briere didn't come here. Can you imagine paying him $7 million a season for years and years? To me, the biggest knock on Gainey's tenure as General Manager is that he allegedly made that offer.

And uh, Lapointe? Are you serious? Again, a major dodged bullet. As for Gagne, when exactly did you think he was able to come to Montreal? Ditto for Tanguay.

Did it occur to you that fans like yourself - with your irrational delusions that a French Canadian star will come in and lead the team to glory is exactly why these guys shy away from coming here? Because they feel the expectations and pressure are bad for their careers and they're psyches?

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