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06-03-2008, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by lemieux32 View Post
If you know how to block a shot properly you lay down going towards the shooter with your shins. You will rarely get hit anywhere else, momentum will carry you into retrieving a blocked shot and you can getup while on the move. I am shocked that head coach is so against this method, I guess that's why you see very few do it right these days.
Oh, I'm not against it, in fact, I see players doing it all the time. They put themselves out (mentally and physically) for the shot, puck goes out of the zone (If the defensemen doesn't deke) and then they have to get up and get back into the play.

My whole thinking is...

Why put yourself out of play? Would it seem more logical for you to stay up and be a valuable member of the line rather than putting yourself out of play for three to four seconds?

Oh, and three to four second is halfway down the ice...almost!

I say no...Stay up! If I needed someone to go down in front of the shot, I would put a goalie out there.

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