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Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
JdM = Journal de Montréal

As Homer likes to say....DOH

Personally I think they should go back to a full 2 minutes of PP time like they used to have. If a team scores 2-3 goals in that 2 minute timespan let them. That might make a team a little more careful when dealing with good PPs.

I like the No touch icing rule well another i've been trying to sell that I made up (although i'm sure others have "made it up" as well) would be to allow the ability for a team to dispute any call on the next stoppage of play. If disputing a call it gets video reviewed and they lose their time out. If they are correct in their dispute the play is overruled to whatever they discover. If they are wrong then they are slapped with a 2 minute minor for delay of game. It wouldnt distract much from current games and I think fans would be annoyed by the officiating a little less...if the team loses a game because of a "bad" call then at least fans can say the team is to blame for not disputting the call...

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