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06-03-2008, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by SML View Post
I knew there would be a thread about this. And to one up Sykora, not only did I call that, but I nailed who would have started it, too. Sometimes I think Pasha/JOrts/RCallahan is just toying with us all and gets some sick, twisted joy out of tying up people's time and energy. If so, then well played sir, well played...
Sorry to make an example out of this.

OK, why do you guys seriously care? Is it your freakin' job or something, HFBoards? Do we need pre-screenings or credentials for each and every post?

Jorts is speculative for crying out loud, and he actually keeps people thinking about stuff, otherwise we'd be seeing OT: Which player does your girlfriend like and OT: PGA tour. Give a him a break guys! Sometimes things like Ronnie Sundin are a bit silly, but what's so bad to think about Sykora or Vandermeer or Morozov? No one has all the answers, so just discuss them and chill. Some of you are downright mean to him.

I fell like this guy... leave Jorts alone!

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