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06-04-2008, 03:39 PM
Carey Chant
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I can add a few details on ebay. As my user name shows (vincecarder one of my buyer names on ebay), I've been on ebay pretty early, since 97 to be exact.

If you don't want to bother reading what I have to say (may look long) then take this info with you. eBay is the garage sale of the world. You can find something good but there is a ton of crap as well.You can make money off of eBay but it takes a lot of time and a lot of research.

I've sold everything, from Sports Cards, to muscle cars to professionally graded comic books and toys....done it all.

My best sale was a 1998 SPX Vince Carter Spectrum #15/25 (his jersey number) for a record $33K. Yes, that's one card, a piece of paper of the future Michael Jordan (well that's what he was suppose to be). I believe that card sold again a few years ago for $5K. Vince Carter is a good example of how ebay worked. His Sp authentic card was numbered out of 3500 (that was low then, now everything has to be 100 or 1/1. At his peak I was selling BGS 9.5 Sp authentic Vince Carter's for $3800. They were tough to grade, not like how it is now (a Pristine VC would have hit $15-20K back then). Same Vince Carter card now is like $100-150. It's like the stock market on collectibles and all sorts of things you would think people wouldn't spend their money on.

Now as for a business, I have worked with various consignment stores. That would be people dropping off their items to be sold on ebay and we would take a cut (25% to 20%).

Let's just say after answering all the questions, research, photos, HTML templates, uploading, packing, shipping was quite difficult to make money.

Would I recommend anyone eBay that you will make a ton of money? Hell no. As a hobby or a part time thing ya you can make a little money but you really have to invest the time. I've just had a knack for selling basically anything and enjoy the sale part of ebay (finding something, selling it, making a profit...repeat).

If anyone has any specific questions (templates, ebay scams, card grading scams with card dealers, shill bidding etc) I can spend some time to explain some stuff.

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