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06-04-2008, 05:11 PM
Quiet Robert
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Quick question, why are so many high on Deschamps? And why are so many people scared he'll be gone? He's not bad, but I don't see the reason to get ultra-excited about him and I certainly don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he's no longer there at 25.

Anyways, it'll be an interesting draft. Here's the direction I could see us going if we don't trade, based on need and not BPA because I'm not going to do a whole mock draft. But based on need and where they might go, my shot in the dark is this:

1st-25th overall- Not a huge favourite, though I like Eberle. I just want a skilled forward: Tedenby (No chance) Jordan Eberle (cross fingers) Dalpe/Trivino/Ennis (Maybe worth trading down for.)

2nd-56th overall- Brandon Burlon maybe? I say either trade up and get that great early 2nd round talent, or wait it out and take the BPA.

3rd-86th overall- LW Geordie Wudrick?

4th-116th overall- C-Joel Champagne?

7th-206th overall- I'd take an overager or a project goalie.

Thoughts: At first I though Eberle was going to be top 20 no question, but there are scouting reports and mock drafts that put him around where we pick so who knows. But there are a lot of options with that pick. If no one really stands out I wouldn't be opposed to trading down, getting maybe a pick in the early 2nd and 4th. Say give no.25 for no.35-40 and no.100-115. I'm some GM would be willing to make that trade.

That said, size at center is a huge organizational need, so if Colborne or Niemisz are still there at no.25, maybe TT is content with that. Then there's Stefanovich and Deschamps who have the Q connections. But for my money, all those small skilled guys are worth taking a chance on this year. Better yet, we may be able to trade down to early 2nd, get a Dalpe/Trivino/Ennis and then get some extra depth with another a 3rd or a 4th pick.

Who knows really it's a very hard draft to predict and very hard to tell which way this team is going. For my money though, I say forget size and get some damn skilled players early on. Get size and grinders in the later rounds. I just threw out Champagne and Wudrick out there. I don't know where they'll go, but they're intriguing guys. I know more about Champagne but as with all big men, that skating needs to improve.

Also, what's the word on this Jokinen kid? Haven't seen him play, nor have I heard much about him.

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