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05-27-2004, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
It's pure speculation/opinion of course, I'm not in the ''inside'' but that's my feeling about it.

When Marc Crawford came in the NHL, he had the credential by the experts to be called a really nice future coach as a potential Stanley Cup coach.

I dont have that feeling about Claude Julien. Like Andre Savard was here to rebuild/restock our team when it was needed, he took a step down to put another man who could step up & make our team to the promise land that I think Bob Gainey IS THE MAN for this job.

Claude Julien IMO is here like Savard but as a coach to make our team progress & be more mature. I dont see him as a coach who can be here 5-6-7 years like Paul Maurice in Caroline to make our team BE A STANLEY CUP CONTENDER.

To put more argument in my point of view is that Claude Julien is not the type that most player can play 5-6-7-8 years. After 3 years (& especially in a big market like Montreal), the players are most often TIRED of the so called SYSTEM & most often tired of the coach having favorites. And we know that Julien is the type DO or DIE with his favorites, so he will die someday from it. Julien manage the Perreault situation very badly if you ask me. It's just my opinion but I thought that Perreault in his LAST CONTRACT year would have been AWESOME for us offensively (ok not defensively) because he knew that he would have need to puge some NICE NUMBERS to get another good contract elsewhere. What a nice guy Perreault IS, he is A TRUE TEAM PLAYER ,like him or not. Never whined, never complain, he played when ask too with some poor player skill wise on the 4th line.

That's my point of view towards Julien.

But saying Crawford had credential by experts to be a Stanley Cup coach, which I don't recall anyone saying, but I do know Julien was regarded as the best coach outside the NHL by many so called experts.

To say Julien won't be around 3 years isn't much speculation in my opinion, and saying system coaches don't last long isn't much speculation either because most coaches, well all coaches are basically system coaches, but more importantly very few coaches last 5 years. So in this sense, you might be right, BUT that would have more to do with how the team progresses, not Julien as a coach, or whether he is a developmental coach or a contender coach. Thus, if Colorado gave Julien the job instead of Granato, what would that make him then? No way is he developmental.

Also, all coaches do or die with their best players, especially in key games. We will see coaches send messages to key players, which Julien has done as well. So thats a moot point.

As for Perreault, he played like crap most of the year. His effort wavered and so did intensity. Julien went with players who deserved it and worked hard for the most part, and Perreault did little to stand out and say, "hey look, I deserve to play."

I get the impression you just want an experienced Stanley Cup coach, but seem to be neglecting the fact that all coaches basically start who Julien did. Everyone could say the exact same thing you are saying about every coach when they were hired. Under Montreals current situation, saying Julien is a developmental coach I can agree with, but speculation about anything further becomes nonsensible.

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