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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
What do stats during the regular season matter when your in the playoffs? Simply put, our defense was mediocre in the playoffs, and aside from maybe Staal, I didn't really see any of our defensemen elevate their game. Many times the forwards didn't come back to backcheck either, and that cost us. Not to mention the numerous turn overs that results from negligence, inability to pass and/or just plain laziness.

You can play great team defense all you want, but you'll still need the work horses that will continuosly shutdown the best forwards on the other team. That said, Lidstrom and Rafalski are in a different planet when you compare them to what was our first defensive pairing. You don't necessarily needs guys like those two to win, but it helps exponentially.
You understand that we shut down the Devils.

And then scored 3 less goals then the Penguins in the second round, and that wasn't because our offense was great, that was because for the most part we contained them to give our selves a chance to win. HOWEVER, we COULD NOT SCORE and take advantage of all the chances we had.

The stats in the regular season translate to the playoffs. How? Simply by the playoffs revealing your teams weaknesses.

The Rangers weakness was their inability to score.

They contained the Penguins majority of the time, and when time and time again the Rangers couldn't seal the deal on all of their opportunities they had defensive breakdowns. That is what happens when you don't take advantage, you press and press and press until you crack.

Say what you want, but TEAM DEFENSE was not the Rangers problem this year. It was OFFENSE.

Vezina finalist goaltender. Top 5 team in GAA.


That is the bottom line.

And that will be their down fall next year as well. Bringing back Jagr will assuredly mean they do not get an elite scoring threat because they won't be able to afford one.

And the playoff stat showing the Rangers in the top 5 GFA in the playoffs is distorted, we scored a few meaningless goals against the Devils. Empty netters and the 4-1 win in game one.

However, the GAA are not distorted, because the games against the Penguins were lower scoring then that of the Devils series. Take away the empty net goals and ALL of the games against the Penguins were one goal win games. Aside from the 3-0 shutout win at home that would have been a 2 goal game.

The Penguins series also revealed how distorted the Devils series was with the amount of goals we scored in that series. We scored those goals because we dominated the Devils in the neutral zone and contained the puck in their zone. They were simply not a good team.

Again, the Rangers team defense was GREAT. Their lack of the ability to score the big goals caused them to collapse.

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