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06-05-2008, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
you pointed out the fact that the rangers needed a scoring winger...BAM!! drury is moved to wing and you have a goal-scoring winger.....drury can play in pretty much any role on forward...i understand drury got a 7 million dollar contract and that in an ideal world he wouldve gotten 5-6 million.......people thinking teams wouldnt want to trade for drury are INSANE!!...any team who wants to win the cup would do that deal in a heartbeat.....he and gomez should be playing together on the same line and dubinsky should be the second line center, and anisimov should be the third or vice versa....if people think getting a winger who is good defensively, can play center and play well, be a leader, score big goals and play through anything is going to come for anything worth less than 6 million isnt thinking clearly....i understand he is overpaid, but in order to replace everything he is, the rangers would have to spend about that anyways

i dont dispute any of your points and i dont doubt he could score goals playing on gomez wing but as i have said its his contract that hancuffs us. i know it is how the market was in the summer and if we didnt pay it someone else would have but for me it is to much.

to others i know Drury wont be traded and i am not whipping him its his contract as stated in other posts, why if you dont like his contract and think trading him to rid yourself of that high contract is for the best is that made to sound like it takes credit away from what he brings to the team?

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