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05-28-2004, 08:28 AM
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Caps fans or people proposing Caps trades:

If you want to move into the top 10, look at the team you want to trade with and try to figure out what they would want or need. Taking an expendable prospect and some of your picks and tossing it at a team does not make a good proposal.
Quantity does not equal quality.
You have to give a little if you want to get -- i.e. you can't expect to hoard your top guys and move into the top 10 -- that just seems unrealistic to me.

Note: I know Maxime is a good prospect (better than the ones you offered the CBJ), but why would Carolina want him over some of the other players in your system? I'd imagine there are much more enticing prospects to the Canes.

I think the Caps can move into the 10-20 range, but not into the top 10, not with what keeps getting thrown out there.

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