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05-28-2004, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by HighlyRegardedRookie
See, this is the sort of thing I keep talking about. There is a very casual attitude towards second round picks. Let's offer them one, if that's not enough, just offer them another. No big deal. Second round picks have actual value. You can get good prospects with second round picks. They shouldn't be tossed about casually. I'm not opposed to trading up, but people seem to think that that's about all a second round pick is good for. It just isn't true.
i agree with you 100% that 2nd rounders have value, but when you have 5 2nd rounders (which we will after umberger becomes a free agent) then you can afford to use 1 of those picks in a deal if necessary...

and i'm NOT suggesting just giving away any of our picks, but if there is a certain player that we really want and we need to move up a couple spots to get him then it is an option to consider...and thanks to all our extra picks it is an option we can consider without it hurting us...

and i'm also not saying that it should be necessarily done to get valabik either...maybe come draft day someone like stafford or schremp will fall further than expected and the possiblity of trading up to grab one would become a great option...gotta keep your options open

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