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Originally Posted by Ace2008 View Post
Avery and Malone aren't comparable players
How aren't they comprable players? Both are second lnei players. Both play a physical game. I would actually say that Avery has more skill and is faster than Malone. Malone is bigger and both go into corners and drive to the net.
Avery is more of a Utility/Grinder who can get you 15-24 goals*(I doubt the goals come unless he gets the PP time_+Star linemates)

In terms of Quality Malone is a 2nd liner/ and Avery is a very fiery 3rd liner whose skills are improving
What are you making those conclusions on? Avery played 76 regular season games for the Rangers. In that time, he score 23 goals and had 30 assists. He also accumulated 220 penalty minutes. Those are second line numbers. And, off course, we really do not need to speak for the record of the team with him as opposed to without him, do we? I believe that it speaks for itself. Let's not forget that he also had 4 goals and 7 points in 8 playoff games this year.

Now let's look at Malone this past year. 77 games, 24 goals & 27 assists. 103 penalty minutes. He netted 51 points, while Avery netted 53 in his one year's worth of playing time with the Rangers.
Malone could be worth the 4 mill if its for a short term 2-3 years
Malone is not signing a deal for 2 years. Neither is Avery. And based on what I showed you, how can Malone get $4m and Avery get less? Avery brings the battle to the other team more than Malone does. Avery is also faster, more skilled and can completely make the other team forget about the puck and start to chase him around. Oh, and he has matured, he has also scored about as much.
but Avery in my opinion is great when healthy(when not he's simply not worth the cap hit)Last year he missed about 25 games...that's simply too much for a guy that's routinely injured and a 1yr deal is the only thing that makes sense.
Whoa....he is routinely injured? Prior to the past year, his last 3 years consisted of 76, 75 and 84 games played in the regular season. Not bad for someone who is injury-prone, wouldn't you say?
Good team w/ great grit that doesn't really need Avery as much as they need a finesse Goal Scorer/ Playmaker
Good teams do not need second line players who are not only skilled but can drive the other team crazy? Really?

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