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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I was thinking the same thing.

What the F does he want, a heart shapped card that begs him to please come back?

F that, everyone has a price and his is 4-5 annually with another 2-3 in potential bonuses.

He had a nice PO's and a great stretch run, but overall a piss-poor season and while it may be an abberation, that remains to be seen as it could be nature taking it's course and he could be slowing down.

Bring Jagr back at 5 million and 3 in bonuses
Bring Avery back at 2.75 million (anything more and we can let him walk as well)
Sign Hossa to a 6 year deal at 50 million

Let Shanny (2.5), Malik (2.5), Mara (3.0), Straka (3.3), Rozsival (2.3) all walk.

That's a savings of 13.6 million (more than enough to sign Hossa and re-sign Avery)

We would then have to replace 2 defenceman as we would have under contract Staal, Tyutin, Girardi and Backman.

Forwards would look like this:

Avery - Dubinsky - Jagr
Dawes - Gomez - Hossa
Korpikoski - Drury - Callahan
Sjostrom - Anisimov - Prucha

Total of approx. 37 million

I think if we are going to roll 4 lines, we absolutely need production from that 4th line and as long as we have Betts as the pivot man there, you can forget about that in its entirity. Additionally that 4th line provides enough size as Sjostrom is 6'1" and just about 220lbs, Anisimov is 6'3" and his playing weight should be at the very least 210-215.

That team has speed, talent and enough abrasiveness to keep teams honest.

With the D we have signed that another 7.5

With Henrik that's another 7 million

All told we are at 51.5 with still needing 2 defenceman

All numbers are rounded up so that 51.5 is actually closer to 50

that would leave us with approx. 5-6 million to sign the defenceman we need

No math whiz here, but we should be ok next year
Betts is one of the best 4th line centers in the league. He isn't going anywhere.

We also have 1.5 mil in dead cap next season, so that leaves us with something like 4 mil to sign two d-men, one of which needs to be a puck mover. Good luck with that.

If Jagr comes back next season, Hossa won't be wearing Ranger Blue.

I also don't see the abrasiveness you're talking about in that lineup. We'd have the least-abrasive 4th line in hockey.

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