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06-06-2008, 02:46 PM
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Lessons for the Rangers

Lynn Zinser has a good piece in today's Times about the lessons the Rangers could learn from the Red Wings:

The Rangers, in contrast, have done seemingly the opposite in picking their players in recent years. Instead of dedicating themselves to a guiding philosophy, they have been working on the “take the best player available” model ,and while they have collected a lot of talent, the talent has not fit. There is a serious disconnect between Tom Renney’s coaching philosophy and the team’s player-gathering philosophy. That was their biggest problem this season.

It is the difference between going to the grocery store with a list of ingredients for a recipe and wandering around in the store looking for things that look good. The Red Wings are tinkering with a gourmet recipe and the Rangers gravitate to things that look yummy. Lots of yummy things mixed together do not necessarily taste good.

It's the scouting, stupid.

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