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06-06-2008, 02:51 PM
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OT - Visiting NY. Tips/Ideas?

Hey guys.. did a search on 'Visiting NY' and went 4-5 pages deep, and didn't find anything recent or relevant..

Planning a trip to NY later this month and i've never been.
We'll be there June 26-30 (Thurs-Mon) and will be staying at W 47th and about 8th... (a block away from Times Square).

I'm early in the research process so i thought i'd hit up the local ranger community... because from the initial searches on the net, the choices/options are mind-blowing and almost over-whelming.

What are some of the Must-See/Do things in the short 4 days/nights i have there. fyi, it will be just my wife and I, and we're 32.

it appears that we will be be staying in an ideal location and should be able to walk or take a short cab to most places..

Considering the number of possibilities, i was hoping get people's opinions in a couple specific areas...

Maybe 2 places should eat at...
Top 2-3 things we Have to see..
2 places we should party at..
2 shows we should see..
Were we need to walk..

any input would be great...
thanx in advance.

- for example, based initial opinion/searches, i'm leaning towards checking out the Times Square Arts Center for one of their comedy shows... unless people suggest otherwise..

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