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06-06-2008, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I dont want Jagr signed either for the same reason.

You are "stuck" with Gomez and Drury for the most part so you have to build around them now rather than extending "Jagr's team" another 1 or 2 years when thos 2 are 2 years older. It might be too late by then.

What i dont understand is the bolded part, though i know why you said it. Why should the "treatment" of a player be considered when that player could mean the difference between a team that moves forward into a new age and one that is holding onto the past half-assed?

We all want to treat players well. Especially those who are great players like Jagr. Had Jagr earned his extension, fine. But he didnt. And now the Rangers should move on. Its not about treating him poorly. Its business and they should have a plan moving forward. Trying to fit him in and getting side pieces ala a semi-retired Straka or Rucinsky is NOT a good plan. Having a 38 year old Jagr in 2010 getting third line minutes isnt either.

Everything about Jagr is how he is treated and his feelings. Thats why everyone defers to him and the powerplay doesnt work. He is such a unique player and commands the attention of building a team around him... if you sign him for two years, its the easy way out and exactly what this team should steer clear of.

Ive been saying this since the Rangers were shaking hands with the Penguins and now others are settling into the offseason and seeing that signing Jagr might not be the best idea, especially if its for more than one year for what will likely be a pretty hefty price tag.
I'm not sure I agree with you, but you do make a valid argument. If Jagr goes we'll able to sign a player that will better compliment the two centers we got during the previous offseason, and more importantly, will be able to play defense as well. It also forces our younger guys to step up a bit because they will naturally have to be more responsible. Also, our PP has been horrendous, and I'm not sure it will improve next year with an almost 40 year old Jagr out there hogging up time and passing the puck back and forth to Roszival. And another thing to note is that, although the players have requested of Sather to bring Jagr back, it's really impossible to know how they really feel. They obviously aren't going to voice their displeasure publicly, and will show the guy respect

On the bright side, Jagr can still provide us with 70+ points of offense without even trying. Also, Dubisnky has played well with him, so you'll be giving up on that project altogether.

Really curious to see what will happen.

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