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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
We're paying Avery to be an agitator. The offensive production is a byproduct of that.
That's downright silly. I agree with you, in that, you can't over-pay Avery. Though we differ by $200,000.00 margin on that

But you pay Avery because he's a very good two-way player, who also can be an excellent agitator. He is a difference maker in his checking game, defensive game and offensive game; when he's playing well. The agitating, as with all agitators around the league is always going to flucuate greatly; depending on the time of year, opponent and other circumstances. Through out his career, Avery's never really had the benefit of playing with the kind of quality linemates he's had since coming to the Rangers. He's still young and could very well develope into a solid 20-25 goal scorer.....with maybe 50-60 points. If he stays healthy and is given those kind of linemates. He's proved he has good skills and a nose for the net.

Even guys like Essa and Claude LePuke disappeared for long stretches in the Regulation Season and Post Season. That's the facts, jack! A player like Avery brings plenty to the table and plays very well in all aspects of the game. And that's extremely important when that kind of agitating isn't working or becomes too risky in terms that it may hurt your own team.

In today's NHL, this concept of Avery retaliating on Rozsival's behalf is rather misguided. Especially in the Post Season scenario and against a Penguins team who were given several miles of loose rope to go about stretching the rules and downright crossing over them, on a regular basis. Meanwhile, any subtle action that even came close to squeezing itself into the parameters of an infraction; was promptly called on Penguins' opponents. Everyone clearly saw that and knew that to be the case. The NHL wanted the Pens treated with kid gloves and given an absurd amount of flexibility in the iterpretation of the rules.

You pay Avery for his flexibility and diverse abilities as a hockey player. Not to mention his heart.

Otherwise, you call up a guy like Josh Gratton to mindlessly charge a guy, after every single nasty or dirty play is commited against your players, by opponents.

But in today's NHL, that's not very smart. Unfortunately, that's the way this "New NHL " is going.

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