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06-07-2008, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by voxel View Post
JayBo has more PP minutes(extra 30) than Burns, but only has 14 PP points (24 ES points) vs. 19 PP for Burns (23 ES points). The Wild also have a slightly worse PP %.
Jay-bo played alot of PP on the second unit instead of the 1st for the first part of the season because Murphy was playing the 1st. That's why maybe he didn't score so many points on the PP. Not sure about Burns. Does he play on the 1st unit?

Originally Posted by voxel View Post
At ES they are a wash - but yes JayBo plays tougher minutes although his +/- is pretty shoddy on a Panthers with similar ES numbers to the Wild.
He was basically out on the ice just about everytime the oppositions best forward was. Until the schedules change, I believe the East has more elite forwards for Jay-bo to play against then the west for Burns to. The east have Crosby, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Lecavalier, Alfredson, Jagr, Briere, Staal, Vanek, Kovalev, Sundin & Parise. And in secondary scoring they also have players like Heatley, Spezza, Hossa, Drury, Malkin, St. Loius, etc.) The west also has a lot of good elite forwards like Zetterburg, Gaborik, Nash, Iginla, Kopitar, Thornton & Sakic, but IMO the east has more.

Originally Posted by voxel View Post
Ignoring stats, I re-watched a few Panthers games (via Center Ice) and the WHC - is there an injury? His play is pretty lackluster.
Alot of us thought his play towards the end of the season was tailing off. He is much better than that. Most of us attribute that play as him being warn down from so many minutes and being asked to take on alot of the load due to all of our injuries(I think only the Islanders beat us in man games lost due to injuries, not sure?).

Originally Posted by voxel View Post
I don't see JayBo's upside as I believe he's hit is ceiling - i.e no major points improvement in the last three years. He's very good and will get some significant players or picks in a trade due to the lack of two-way first pairing D-men, but he's not elite IMO.
No, Jay-bo has not hit his ceiling yet!!! His development has really been slowed becuase of being brought up so soon. He wasn't allowed to develop in the minors due to the Panthers pressing needs at defense at the time. He was asked to play top-2 line defensive pairing minutes at 18 years old.

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