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06-07-2008, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
Leveneau is 3rd right now on the depth chart and 4th if Vali comes in with Wikman the logical choice
Assuming he and Valli resign, LeNeveu is 3rd on the depth chart, Wiikman is 4th. Wiikman is a very talented goalie, but his technique could use some seasoning. He gets by on athleticism and instinct (and sheer competetiveness) but needs to improve in core areas like positioning and rebound control. He'll have a better opportunity to do that playing games in Hartford than he will sitting on the bench in NY.

LeNeveu is far more technically sound than Wiikman, and I'd say, even Montoya was. Wiikman may have the higher ceiling, but LeNeveu's better suited for a backup role right now.

Regardless, I think Valliquette will be back and LeNeveu (if signed) and Wiikman will battle it out in Hartford.

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