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Originally Posted by Race against NINE View Post
The Panthers don't have a poor drafting history - at least not in the context you're discussing. They've seen a rate of over 20% of their picks reach the NHL, which is comparable to the rest of the league.

Where they're deficient is picking star-caliber players. Very few in their 15-year history. Mostly they pick 3rd and 4th liners or back pair dmen. Although I'd suggest scouting has improved the last 3-5 years.
The rate of 20% may be comparable to other teams, but it is not really a reliable stat to use to prove that Panthers drafting is as good as the rest. I mean, drafted players usually come into the league playing for the team that drafted them. Panthers has been one of the consistently worst teams in the league in the last 10 years, and also a team that seems to be rushing their young players into the league which ofcourse creates opportunities for the draftees. Also Panthers have been injury prone for years, which has the same effect.

I would see poor drafting as THE reason for our poor performance. If our drafting was good, we would be a good team. Looking into our depth chart and all the posts above, that clearly isn't the case.

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