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05-28-2004, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini
I got a question, what makes you people think that any of these top UFA's like Demitra or Modano or Khavibulin are gonna sign with us? They saw what happened last March, they know we aren't going anywhere for the next few years, so why would they sign here? They can get money from a number of teams, why sign with this team that everyone knows has no hope of the playoffs for atleast the next 2 seasons. Plus is run by the biggest jackass in hockey....who has yet to prove in 4 years that he has any kind of long term plan.

I think some of us need to be realistic here. A "1st line center" isn't just gonna fall into out laps, we are gonna have to tough it out for a while and hope that somewhere along the line, we develop one. On the other hand, calling for a lineup of all rookies also is unrealistic. It would obviously do more harm than good to throw a bunch of young small Europeans onto the top lines in New York.

If I had my way, the line up would look somewhere along the lines of




Now this isn't gonna be a team that wins 50 games, but they also won't be embarassed on a nightly basis. If there's one thing that we have learned over the past 7 years, it is that what a team looks like on paper is meaningless. What matters is the players buy into the system and play competitive night in and night out. Look at the Pens, they had some rough stretches, but still found a way to whoop our ***** on more than 1 occasion.

And of course, all this line projection can be a meaningless point depending on the labor negotiations
If Immonen and Prucha don't make the team it would be a disaster. Having Purinton back would be another disaster. You can forget about Scott as some say he got murdered. Besides Balej and several defensemen that lineup would have no future.

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