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06-07-2008, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Panthers Rock View Post
Well you can't really argue the goalies angle. Our goalies are quite good, even Anderson is a great underrated backup.

And please, please start drafting good goalies for once. We NEVER develop our own, always acquire them.

Ok that said, I'm going to be disappointed if we don't finally get the top line winger Jokinen needs. Just one would be fine, you can put Zednik or even McLean on the other wing, doesn't matter. But c'mon Martin, part of their problem was scoring.

As for the blueline, if Redden were to deliver then I would not be upset. But at that point, Mike Van Ryn has gotta be history, no way they'd keep him then right? What about Murphy? And since Monty is likely gone, you better resign Cullimore and of course let Mezei walk. Magnus I don't care either way.

At this point though, that's some serious reliability on the young guys and praying that a guy like Matthias or whoever breaks out big. It's asking a LOT. Pray that our new coach can inspire this team. Because let's not forget the #1 thing they always lacked: CONFIDENCE. The confidence that they can keep a lead, that they're good enough to beat any team any night, that they can turnaround a game anytime they want to.

For goodness sake Martin, please, I'm begging you, get us to the playoffs!
We spent 2nd rounders on Shantz, Plante and Auld. The team should take the BPA always.

I disagree about not needing anymore forwards, however this team does need to improve its defence, espcially from a puck moving side of things. Martin is probably taking into account that Matthias, Frolik and Repik are fairly close to becoming contributers.

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