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06-08-2008, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by kingswillwinthecup View Post
I don't think a lot of people understand how much it will cost to move up into a 1-15 draft spot this year.

Vermette and the 42nd may move you up into the mid-to-low twenties, but nothing above that.

Pffft, 1st rounders when they're traded at the draft don't bring anything close to that return or hold that kind of vaule. GM's know that a 3rd of these players will never play in the NHL or will open and close the bench door for 2 years.

Originally Posted by Isles72
I think the islanders could use a guy like Vermette and could offer one of their second round picks and a modest prospect for his services.
All Ottawa has are modest prospects and we have a lot of them.

To move 7 spots in the 2nd round? ... Take Vermette and Nielson off the table, if I want to move up 7 spots in the 2nd round... I offer you a Timbit.

Originally Posted by jntn View Post
From Ottawa's point of view, why does it have to be a package deal including a 42nd overall draftpick?
Probably to get a potential 1st liner/ top pairing D-man/#1 goalie. These deals invovling late picks and longshot prospects aren't really fitting Danish's bill in all likelihood.

For frame of reference, Ottawa has picked a whopping 2 useful players out of the 2nd round in 15 years: Fisher and Vermette. So if you're offering a 2nd rounder, IMO you're offering a 1/7 chance that we get a player back as good as the one we're trading.

Originally Posted by voxel View Post
But I suspect Ottawa would want roster players back (i.e D-men) because they are in a win now mode.
Well, that's my opinion on the matter... but I guess others in Ottawa care about little boys who won't legally be allowed to have a beer in the US until Alfie retires. Nice combination there eh? Because that should be our goal: win while Alfie is here (a star on an extremely cheap contract). Even if it costs us 5 straight last place finishes the day he retires, that Cup will be worth it. Nothing should be more irrelevant to us than who will be picked in the top-10 of this years' draft.

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