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06-08-2008, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
Smith played on Edmonton for a long time........was Sather their at that point?.....if so it's logical to sign him and pair him with Staal

regardless Phystical D man and offensive D man

I really like Redden too but the cap is taken into consideration

What about Campbell.................I would be ok with that huuuuuuuge signing as the major move and then just resigning Avery and Jagr and dealing for a more physical affordable D man.......Prucha and Hollweg are assets to move
First off if Hollweg is an ASSET then this team is in more trouble then I could possibly imagine.

Second, whoever said Campbell sucks defensively and that Redden is better does not know his ass from his elbow. Im to lazy to go and find/post all the numbers again, but of all the UFA dmen Campbell had the best numbers. Most points, and an equal +- so of course deserves the money. Campbell is everything the Rangers need and Redden is way to injury prone and for 1 mil more Id rather the extra offense that campbell provides.

Redden with a +11 and 32 points

Campbell who is I believe 2 years younger +8 and 63 points.

If your going to cheap out on 1 mil for 29 points then thank god your not the GM of the Rangers. Redden will get 6.5 and wont be worth **** compared to Campbell at 7.5

If not Campbell, then Streit is the only other viable option, maybe Liles if we thing Sanguenetti will actually be able to produce at the NHL. Honestly you base it around Sanguenetti, if the Rangers see a spot for him to be that puck mover then sign Liles as a stop gap untill he is ready. If not then make the move now and sign Streit or Campbell.

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