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05-28-2004, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Prucha73
Murray is not a 2nd line center, I doubt he is anything more than a good 3rd line forward. And again if Prucha and Immonen don't make the team then it is not a rebuilding, these 2 guys are similar to Balej in age and size and skill. I don't see why they shouldn't make the team so a bum like Rucinsky, who couldn't even score on a line with Morrison and Naslund, would play top line minutes instead. So Rucinsky is solid defensively and can score a bit, we did not get anywhere with him, so what is the point of bringing him back?

A true rebuilding and youth movement needs to start somewhere, fans have to learn to have some patience. Having 4 rookies in the lineup is NOT a youth movement. Teams like Avs bring up a lot of rookies each year, yes some of them suck and turn out to be busts, but some turn to be good players, and you will not know unless you experiment. The best way to raise the value of the prospects is by letting them play in NHL, so most ignorant people that keep saying "not ready" about every prospect would keep their mouths closed. Once a young player gets to play more teams can see him play and more teams are interested in him.

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5 rookie players plus 5 young (2nd/3rd year) players is a sign of rebuilding. I believe there is a need for a veteran presence however. On the most important lines - the shutdown line (3rd) and the scoring line. You can throw in a prospect with good offensive potential on the 1st line, teamed up with two veterans. Its much how Colorado has been built in the past by teaming up prospects with either Sakic or Forsberg. Hopefully Jagr and/or Lindros can help with that. The third line has to be a defensive responsible line. Otherwise, the second line can be a maturing scoring line with players like Lundmark, Balej and whoever else, if not Murray. The energy line should be filled with youth as well.

That's just my proposal though. If you really want to, you could just throw 20 young players out there, but I wouldn't really have any greater expectation than being shelled on a nightly basis.

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