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06-08-2008, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by hlundqvist30 View Post
Really? That's all they need?
lol, i was thinking the same thing when i read that...

Seriously though, As with most of you I'm sure, I have serious doubts about Wang/Snow's ability to bring in anything other than marginal talent. The word has been out for a long time on Wangs need to micromanage, the building is a dump, and the idiots they are in the front office there gonna hang teddy out to dry with a debacle of a lineup..and the saddest part is Teddy's the only lure for good vets. I was sooo happy when Neil Smith walked, because i really thought he was gonna be able to bring guys to the island. Wang needs to back off and get a real GM or they could be in trouble for a while.

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