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05-28-2004, 07:04 PM
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I seem to have stirred up a hornets nest... What I love about the rangers and most of their fans is that despite missing the playoffs for years, suffering terrible seasons of losing, mind boggling injuries and revolving coaches. We still have hope and really give a :mad: about our team.
Frankly I think that anyone who is calling for half a team of rookies just doesn't grasp the reality of the situation. The rangers have always brought in veterans. Phil Esposito, Bobby Carpenter, Bernie Nichols, Ed Johnstone, Mike Rogers, Adam Graves. Sometimes they also groom a few good kids such as the year they brought Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller to broadway.
Bringing in Veterans won the cup in 94, so if the team does it right they can be competitive. So those who claim that going with only kids is the only answer really doesn't understand how the rangers operate, have operated and will always operate.
If you go with only kids why keep Jags at all ? some 22 or 24 year old kid from europe is going to play with jaromir ? its a waste of money to keep 68 IMO.

When I started the thread I mentioned a few UFA names and suggested that Conroy and Carney would be nice additions. I didn't say they were coming to NY only that they are the kind of players the rangers can use. Not flashy, just solid overall professional players. I still think they would be great acquisitions.

As far as going with all kids is concerned. I would ask our kid movement posters to find a team that broke camp with 4 or more rookies in the NHL. Name ONE team. What happened to that club and where are those kids now?

Lineswise I like the
Lindros, Rucinsky, Jagr line
Lundmark, Balej and .... line (murray)
Holik, Moore, and ... line (umberger/Green)
a 4th line of hartford players wiseman, ortmeyer, heerema insert other players here.

can pruha, marek make the big club ? maybe. I would love to see them get a legit shot at it. But I see a guy like Rucinsky getting the top line nod over an unproven kid without the experience of an 80 game schedule.

On the blueline I think a russian speaking player should skate with Tyutin such as Bobo or Darius. Poti can play with Rachunek, leaving
Pock Kondratiev Lampman and big dale Purinton as the depth guys

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