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06-08-2008, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by PanthersRule96 View Post
I'd be pretty upset if we signed Olesz to a contract with backloaded money or something like that, as I think he's one of those players that you keep the salary down with until he proves he has ability. You can't pay for potential like we did with Horton when dealing with Olesz, as he hasn't shown enough yet. I know Martin knows this, but I wouldn't give Olesz anything over 1.5 million per season yet, maybe slightly higher if it was long term but I doubt his agent would want to sign longterm until he puts up some bigger numbers and stays healthy.

Bouwmeester.....we'll see. Who knows? Bouwmeester's our best trading chip and if we were offered a deal that improved the team greatly if Bouwmeester wouldn't sign, I'd take it and run. Had we not royally botched the Luongo deal (which only Keenan could have done), we could have had some skilled players from either Ottawa (perhaps Havlat, Phillips, Vermette, 1st? etc...whatever that deal was) or LA (Brown/Frolov/some nice pieces). Just because we struck out with dealing Louie doesn't mean we should overpay Bouw since we'd lose in any trade. If a good deal came up, I trust Martin to make good judgement as well, but Bouw is such an asset to our team that we'd be incredibly stupid to deal him.
Yeah, I can't see Olesz getting anything over 1.5 unless it's a long term deal, but even then I can't fathom it being much more than 2 mil. 2.5 at the absolute max. But like you said, I don't think he and his agent want a long term deal, even though Martin does. Martin probably just doesn't want to lose him to an offer sheet potentially in a couple years from some poaching team with a ton of cap space. They might compromise on like a 3 year, 2.25 mil/year deal.

As for the bolded part of your post, the 'if Bouw doesn't sign' doesn't seem to exist to Martin. He seems confident it'll get done. I don't think he would have said the things he did and used the words he used in this article if he wasn't REALLY confident Bouw is going to re-sign. One thing about Martin, he's very rational, patient, and he seems to really think things out. He's not going to put the possibility out there of leaving his cheese hanging out in the wind, boldly declaring Bouw will not be traded and then ending up having to trade him later on.

I still think trading Luongo was a mistake. You never trade a franchise goaltender, unless in the unlikely case you get a top 10 goalie in return along with other assets like a top six forward, a top 4 d-man, picks, prospects, etc. The rumored Ottawa offer was Havlat, Phillips, Emery, and a 1st, just FYI. It would have to be an incredible trade for us to part with Bouw IF he is willing to re-sign. I don't really see any team making an offer that would be worth our while. Especially with Martin at the helm, he would want a treasure chest in return for his valued Bouw. If Bouw is asking for anything over 7 mil/year, I'd say that's definitely overpayment, but I really can't see him demanding that much. I mean, Lidstrom makes 7.5, and I think he'd then be the 2nd highest paid d-man in the league. Ain't happening.

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