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06-09-2008, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
*clutches his chest and falls on the floor*
I'm sorry, I forgot how old you were.

Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Shame on you.

It's posts like these that can cause the Battle of the Bulge to crumble.
Posts like that preserve my sanity, otherwise I'm just another 9-5er, disappearing into the tedium.

Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
So thats why you like to play Poutine.
Secretly, I like it because it involves LW11. Don't tell anyone though. I hope the invisible ink holds out this time.

Originally Posted by KostitsyntheBagBaby View Post
it will turn into a different sort of Battle of the Bulge
Why won't you love me?

Originally Posted by AD View Post
In more than one way.

Now that I've generated enough of a tangent, back to the topic at hand.
Where is IWIHAC? His 15 minutes are happening without him...

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