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06-09-2008, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Right now as far forwards go, the only two who look like legit top 6 forwards are Cherapanoc and Anisimov. And of those two, Cherapanov is the only who projects as a high-end finisher.

Korpikoski projects safely as a nice two-way third line player. Byers potentially a nice fourth liner.

Staal and Saur don't address our new for forward scorers/finishers and Bourret needs to make himself a good AHL'er before we can even talk about the NHL.

Sanguinetti falls into the category of Staal and Sauer as not helping our need for a good scoring forward and Hillier projects as a possible nice bottom six forward aka Ryan Callahan.

Hagelin also doesn't appear to be a top six forward prospect at this time either.

For me the question isn't whether we have nice or even good players, the challange is cheap scoring talent with the potential to give you 10 good years. That's the difference between the contenders and the also rans and it's going to be something that is going to be VERY dependent on both Cherapanov AND Anisimov developing.

Korpikoski is going to be a nice player, but we need to be VERY careful about pegging him too highly. I can see that movement picking up steam around here in the last 3 months and I think we risk putting the carriage before the horse like we often do.

I also think expectations for Hillier and Hagelin are a bit high and Bourret has yet to tap into his potential.

That's not to say it's impossible, I just think it's pretty unreasoable and I think a bit overly optimistic.

Again I think that's very optimistic, but who exactly is putting Dury and Gomez's passes in the nets?

Dubinsky is a center.

Dawes has a shot, but his top end is probably a good second line winger.

Our young defense is very good, but the question is about offense. Obviously we proved we could play solid defense this year, but I don't see our scoring troubles getting any better in a post-Jagr, Straka, Shanahan world.

The problem with not having sure-fire players to fill holes is that you have to keep going out and signing them which eats into your budget in a salary capped league. Furthermore, why would a player sign with the Rangers for a shorter contract when they go and get long-term job security somewhere else? If you offer them a short contract you're going to pay them more money, which brings us right back to the first point about operating in a salary capped league.

The dilemma we are in right now is that for years we stockpiled great systems guys (of which we have some REALLY good options) and young defenseman. The challange is adding guys who can actually put the puck in the back of the net at a regular pace. Of those, we have few options and even fewer that aren't going to command top dollars and many years as free agent signings. We don't even have too many of those types in the system right now so it's not even a matter of bridging a gap.

If we do a checklist, we have the following:

1. A star goalie.
2. A very good group of young defensemen.
3. A solid stable of bottom six forwards who bring energy and other attributes.
4. One legit potential star winger, MAYBE two offensive minded but small second line wingers.
5. Potentially four centers. Two of which are locked into long-term contracts, two of which are younger.

The challange is going to be points 4 and 5.

For point four, we have to hope Cherapanov developes and that Prucha can consistently become that 25-goal threat.

Point number five is a bit trickier. Gomez and Anisimov are playmakers first, goal scorers second so moving them to the wing just doesn't strike me as a solid option.

I like Drury and Dubinsky on faceoffs and while they are more balanced as shooters/playmakers, I don't think either is at their best on the wings.

So the trick then becomes getting good value out of either Dubinsky and Anisimov in a trade, which is difficult considering Drury and Gomez are going to impact their icetime.

Right now I think the Rangers have some good elements, however I'm just not sure we've managed our assets the best way possible. I think we've got enough to make us a good team, but for where I stand now it's going to take some shrewd deals to take us to that next level - especially in the same conference as the Penguins.
Hillier has more talent then Callahan. A lot more.

Callahan really is a 4th line player, and the only reason he plays on the third is lack of ready depth.

Sorry, but single digit in goals and barely reaching over 10 points is not going to cut it.

Hillier is an offensive forward.

Callahan is only slightly better then Ortmeyer. If he proves me wrong and scores 20 goals, that would be fantastic. But really, he scurries about the ice like a chicken with it's head cut off, running into people, a lot of the times falling down in the process... sounds a lot like Ortmeyer. The only thing that separates the two is that Callahan has better hands then Ortmeyer.

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