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06-09-2008, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacob-KingsVisnovsky View Post
You're saying Holland never won anything or these players?
Buth would be kinda offense...

Obviously Holland won more often, obviously these players did as well, maybe not with Holland but that's 'cause most of them are really young, and the WC and EC is only once every 2/4 years. For example van der Sar is the Champions League winner, means something right?
You can re-read my post if you want.

Van Der Sar, Van Bronckhorst, Van Nistelroy, Bouma, Sneijder have been around for multiple International tournaments and have won squat. That's the truth and Holland have been under-achievers for over 20 years.

But enjoy today's win. You (or they) deserved it.

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