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06-09-2008, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by nittany View Post
Dude you can't seriously consider "jumping behind the line" and being off injured 4-5 seconds before the ball comes in the same, right?
1- I don't believe that Panucci was injured.

2- The concept of being injured for 4 seconds is completely foreign to me.

It is pretty obvious that the officials did not stop the play because of an injury. At that point you have to consider Panucci as any player who can stand up and come back in. And therefore he's closer to the net that Van N.

The officials either (A) stop the play because of the injury, or (B)allow Panucci to leave the pitch because of the injury, or (C) they don't react to the injury.

A or B make Van N offside.

C means he's onside.

Since they decided C in the game, then he's onside.

(I'm just practicing my argumentation when I go back to work tomorrow to my italian friends...)

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