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06-09-2008, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by giovanni View Post
next game, you can see Del Piero, Toni, and Cassano up front. we need to take Ambrosini of the field and put Aqulaini or De Rossi there. I would not start with the defence because they all had bad games except Grosso and Zambrotta.

i think that the strating lineup for friday's game would be much different than todays. This is what i think it will be.

Del Peiro-- Toni-- Cassano

Aquilani-- Pirlo-- De Rossi

Grosso- Panucci- Chiellini- Zambrotta

we need to get some offsive from this guys. We can not afford to lose to Romania or the world Champions are going home.
I still don't understand why De Rossi isn't starting...for Ambrosini?

He looks good in Milan with Gattuso and Pirlo, but Ambrosini i'm not even sure deserves a place on the National Team. There are several players i'd play ahead...

De Rossi is a beast, I hope he's in next game.

I actually avoided reading/hearing anything about this game all day...I get home and tune into Sportsnet to watch the reply of the game and a half hour in and the Dutch are winning 2-0??? I figured i'd salvage the rest of my night and just look up the score...3-0???? Ugh, glad i'm not gonna watch this massacre.

Although reading some comments about Del Piero's form has me hopeful for next game, hopefully he starts

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